Peak Content Summit 2020 – Why Create Content?

Ever wonder “Why should I create a content marketing strategy?” Or, “Should I use content marketing for my brand?”

If so, or if you’re just trying to figure out how to use content as part of your marketing strategy (or why you even want to), this session intro to Peak Content Summit 2020 will help get you sorted. Host Tyler Benedict sets the stage for the rest of the conference with this thought-provoking intro into discovering your “why”.

By design, every session from the content marketing conference builds on the next, helping you stack your new knowledge together to create a complete strategy. Start here and get ready to build your brand’s content marketing strategy on a strong foundation!

Why did I start this Conference?

I launched Peak Content Summit because, as a digital publisher (of Bikerumor), I found that we were teaching and explaining the same concepts over and over again. Brands were looking for more meaningful ways to connect with our global audience of millions of cyclists, but didn’t always know the best way. Or, they weren’t sure what type of content to create, or how to create it.

So, I assembled some of the best, brightest minds in marketing, content strategy, video, film, SEO, analytics, and media to create a true content marketing masterclass. Each video covers a single subject, and each session has additional notes and info to help you make the most of the lessons.

Now, eight months after the March 2020 event, I’ve decided to make all of the videos and notes free. The information is just too great to hide behind a paywall, and I want to expose all of you to the incredible speakers and knowledge shared at the event.

If you like it (I hope you do, it too me three weeks to edit the videos and create the “digital” course!), the best thing you can do in return is to reach out and thank the speakers for sharing their knowledge. Every session has their social media links below the notes, making it easy for you to connect.

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Bonus Content

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