Peak Content Summit 2020 – Create Video Content that Wins on Any Platform

Want to make video content that stands out, grabs attention & delivers customers?

Rob Wiltsey, founder of RWCP Video Agency, packs this session full of practical but not-so-obvious tips on how to create videos that’ll catch people’s attention no matter what platform they’re on.

Buuuuut...there’s a trick. You can’t use the same video strategy everywhere. And you can’t do what’s working for your competitors. You have to stand out, be different (weird, even!), and understand why someone might stop what they’re doing to pay attention to your video.

There are three reasons anyone watches a video:

  • To be INFORMED
  • To be INSPIRED

Rob suggests picking one, then going overboard on that for each video. You can be more than one, but you have to be the MOST of one of them for every video. If you’re going to be Entertaining, don’t be mildly so…be more entertaining than anything else in your space!

He also recommends adding emotion. Make the viewer feel something.

Put it all into context

Buuuuut… keep context in mind. What’s the mindset of the audience at the time and place you’re delivering your video? Does the content match their expectations? Or is there a disconnect that will cause them to pass by without noticing? 

Basically, you need to:

  • deliver the right content
  • at the right time
  • in the right place

Main Types of Content

Rob lists four main types of content you can use, depending on the goal or medium. They include:

  • HERO Content – Big, splashy (and expensive) content to catch attention
  • HUB Content – “Push” Content sent out to subscribers who want to hear from you
  • HYGIENE Content – Content created to “pull” people in from search
  • EVERGREEN Content – Product, Feature & Benefit, About Us content that lasts

An important note about HUB content: Social media fans and followers are subscribers in that they’ve shown interest in hearing from you. But they’re inundated. Your HUB content isn’t competing against your competitors’ videos. The bar is much higher than that! Your videos are competing against all of the memes, funny quotes, news and other posts from friends and family!

So you need to follow the right anatomy of a good video to stop their scroll and get them to pay attention. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • THE HOOK – First 1-2 seconds that subconsciously stops a user in their tracks.
  • THE PROMISE – First 2-5 seconds that consciously earn your viewer’s interest by communicating what they’re about to watch. The Promise should be clear, and it should be compelling to your audience.
  • THE DELIVERY – Everything after 5 seconds
  • THE ACTION – Last 10 seconds, and is optional. Not every video needs to have a Call To Action.

He suggests going back and looking at the first few frames of any video that stopped you and made you look, then reverse engineer that to use in your own videos.

How long should my videos be?

As long as they need to be to deliver the message, without getting boring. People have an infinite attention span for anything they’re interested in. If you wouldn’t watch your own video in your spare time, don’t expect anyone else to watch it.

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Bonus Content

Download selected slides from Rob’s presentation below for a quick recap of key points.

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