Think you need “content marketing”? Trying to figure out what to post? How to write it? What kind of videos to make? Where to publish it?

You’re not alone. A lot of other brands and marketers have the same questions. And publishers, media, bloggers and influencers are trying to figure out how to use paid and sponsored content to build their audience and revenue.

There’s a lot to think about. Fortunately, I’ve built successful campaigns and media outlets using killer content that’s profitable and ethical. Through my email newsletter and this website, I’ll share the tips, tactics and strategies so you can do the same.

There are a million nuances that aren’t super obvious. Sometimes counterintuitive, even. I’ll explain them all with quick, bite-sized posts and videos. You could try to figure it all out for yourself. Or you can tune in here and learn from someone who’s spent two decades in the trenches figuring it out.


Want to accelerate it? You can also hire me directly. I offer consulting to Brands who need help…

  • working with the media
  • maximizing reach
  • creating a content marketing plan
  • developing content
  • refining their brand
  • brainstorming business & marketing solutions

…and for Media, Bloggers and Influencers who want to:

  • create more profitable paid/sponsored content
  • manage sponsored content more ethically
  • use sponsored content to grow their audience
  • learn to sell these packages to advertisers

Contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.


this is how to start a business using other peoples success as a guide to becoming an entrepreneur

I’m a father of two who loves to travel (that’s me riding in Iceland in the pic above). The freedom of self employment lets me dictate when, where, and how I work. And it lets me travel around the world with my family. This is all by design.

After running two different beverage brands for almost a decade, I launched Bikerumor.com in 2008 to turn my passion for bicycle tech into a lifestyle business and avoid the rat race. I’ve created and sold brands in multiple six figure deals. And I’ve grown Bikerumor into the world’s largest, most popular cycling tech blog.

Now, I’m compiling all of the lessons, stories and strategies I’ve learned – both from my own experiences and from interviewing other successful brands, entrepreneurs, content marketing pros and others – and distill them into easy to understand, actionable tips and tactics.


I’ve been an entrepreneur and self-employed for 20+ years. And I’ve learned a LOT of stuff the hard way. I shared a lot of those lessons here, in the blog, just scroll back a little farther and you’ll find them.

I also host a podcast called The Build Cycle, you can find those episodes here. I still record one now and then, but my focus has shifted to helping brands, marketers and media outlets develop their content strategy and create better content marketing.

I continue build Bikerumor and launch side hustles and projects, and that experience helps inform the real-world strategies I share here. No need to learn things the hard way, let me be your guide.