this is how to start a business using other peoples success as a guide to becoming an entrepreneur


I’m a father of two who loves to travel (that’s me riding in Iceland in the pic above). The freedom of self-employment lets me dictate when, where, and how I work. And it lets me travel around the world with my family. This is all by design.

After running two different beverage brands for almost a decade, I launched in 2008 to turn my passion for bicycle tech into a lifestyle business and avoid the rat race. I’ve created and sold brands in multiple six-figure deals. And I’ve grown Bikerumor into the world’s largest, most popular cycling tech blog.

Most recently I’ve co-founded Bike Club to create the world’s largest cycling club and community, built on blockchain technology and WEB3 ideology. We’re building the ecosystem for the next generation of cycling culture and consumer/brand engagement.

And, I’m always experimenting with little projects to learn first-hand how new industries, marketing tools, and strategies work.


The Build Cycle podcast draws upon all of the lessons, stories, and strategies I’ve learned – both from my own experiences and from interviewing other successful brands, entrepreneurs, content marketing pros and others – to create engaging, informative interviews packed with actionable tips and tactics.

The name, The Build Cycle, is a play on words. Entrepreneurs, and now especially those building tech startups, are often called “builders”. As a cyclist, I liked including a nod to bikes (and I interview several leading founders from that space), but “cycle” really refers to the process of building.

Like anything, a business’ growth ebbs and flows in a natural cycle. I’ve learned a LOT of stuff the hard way, but you don’t have to (psst – I share a lot of those lessons in some older blog posts here). It’s the exploration of these ups and downs that help us learn how others have succeeded, and where they’ve failed, so we can apply their lessons to our own endeavors to build faster and do better.


Being a digital publisher, I have seen the best and worst of “content marketing”. You’ll find a lot of thoughts on that in the blog here, and I’ve done a considerable amount of research to learn best (and worst) practices among media, PR agencies, marketers, editors, and publishers.

While my focus here is entrepreneurship and top-level marketing, I have a ton of experience creating great content marketing and routinely do project work for top brands.

If you’re trying to figure out how to reach publishers, media, bloggers and influencers, or how to use paid and sponsored content to build your audience and revenue, let’s talk.


I offer consulting for Brands who need help…

  • working with the media
  • maximizing reach
  • creating a content marketing plan
  • developing content
  • refining their brand
  • brainstorming business & marketing solutions
  • avoiding wasted marketing dollars

…and for Media, Bloggers, and Influencers who want to:

  • create more profitable paid/sponsored content
  • manage sponsored content more ethically
  • use sponsored content to grow their audience
  • learn to sell these packages to advertisers

Contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.