I like quick, actionable content marketing tips you can put to use right away, and that’s what you’ll find here.

I take big, complex content marketing ideas and make them easy to understand, quickly digestible, and highly actionable.


Most importantly, I’ll share content marketing tips from the media’s point of view! These are the tips no one else is sharing, but once you put your story out there, it’s the publishers, blogs, vlogs, content creators, YouTubers and podcasters that can amplify your message… IF you know how to work with them!

I’ve spent 20+ years on both sides of the media. I launched and grew one of the world’s largest cycling tech blogs and developed industry-leading, ethical paid content programs that benefit readers, brand and publisher alike. This dual insight will help you create and execute smarter, more effective content marketing strategies by using media and content creators to increase your exposure, reach, and authority.

Good Content Marketing isn’t hard, but it’s not always obvious. Let me be your guide as we tackle one small tip at a time. In no time you’ll be crushing it with great content that helps you boost sales. Here’s how:

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Brand Managers & Marketers: If you’re in charge of content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing or just plain ol’ regular marketing for a brand or company, this is for you. I’ll give you practical tips for creating better content marketing and strategies. Ideas you can use to authentically connect with consumers, grow your brand, build authority, and maintain top-of-mind presence.

Publishers, Bloggers & Influencers: If you’re in the media, digital publishing, or just writing content as an influencer or blogger, this is for you, too. I’ve built Bikerumor into the world’s largest cycling tech blog, and content-based packages is what’s driving our revenue forward as banner revenues (and interest!) continue to decline. If you’re trying to figure out a profitable, ethical content strategy that readers, fans and brands will love, I’ll be sharing exactly how we do it.


Content marketing strategy tips and tactics to help you:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Build brand authority
  • Rank higher in search
  • Garner consumer engagement
  • Sell more product

There’s more. You’ll also learn:

  • How to work with the media
  • Where to put your content
  • Tell a better story
  • Create better videos and blog posts
  • Do better on social media

Between this blog, the podcast and newsletter, you’ll get pro tips from leading experts, brands & marketers (and me). Reach out if you have a content marketing question you want answered.