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I’m a leading Digital Publisher & Serial Entrepreneur. I share the stories of founders, builders and marketers for a mix of inspiration and tactical tips to help you build your business and get more press.

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The Build Cycle is a podcast about entrepreneurship with a content marketing twist.

I interview founders of interesting companies and marketers doing interesting things to learn how they started, how they’ve grown, where they’ve succeeded and failed, and then distill that into actionable lessons you can use to grow your business and create better marketing.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years on both sides of the media. I’ve worked at ad agencies, launched consumer product brands, and built Bikerumor from scratch into the world’s largest cycling tech blog. Along the way, I’ve created sports nutrition products, launched niche websites, advised on NFT projects and event marketing, started the Southeast’s largest annual 24 Hour MTB race, hosted Peak Content Summit, and am a co-founder on a global WEB3 cycling platform called Bike Club.

This well-rounded experience helps me dig deeper and ask better questions so you get better intel.

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Entrepreneurs: If you’re a founder, side hustler, or just a student trying to kickstart something of your own, The Build Cycle shows you how others have done it. A wide variety of guests from all industries and varied backgrounds and life stories proves that anyone can build something of value. Whether you’re just looking to create a lifestyle business or the next industry leader, there are lessons here for you.

Marketers, Publishers, Bloggers & Influencers: If you’re in marketing, public relations, media, digital publishing, or just writing content as an influencer or blogger, this is for you, too. When you learn how brands work and dig deeper into their story and mission, you have better questions to ask and better stories to tell. And I interview media and marketing leaders to learn their secrets so you can build your business bigger and better, too.

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Entrepreneurship and Startup Tips:

  • Business growth
  • Launch strategies
  • Lessons from the trenches
  • Customer acquisition
  • Revenue & profitability

Marketing & Public Relations:

  • How to work with the media
  • Where to put your content
  • Tell a better story
  • Garner consumer engagement
  • Rank higher in search

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