It’s OK to quit. Just start early. [Newsletter #36]

Do you ever feel like you have so many stories to tell, but just can’t find the time?

I’ve found that mostly it’s not a true time limitation, but rather it’s my own desire to have each story build to the next.

Or, to at least find a common thread between the stories.

Similar to how successful Instagram feeds have visual consistency and tell a story over time, so should our stories.

Which is hard. It takes time.

Personally, I’m scattered. I have a lot of projects, with little tying them together:

Mostly, these are all disparate projects on different subjects with little crossover.

Which makes it really hard to focus the correct amount of effort on any one of them and remain consistent.

There’s no lesson here, sadly.

But there is an update.

I think you’ll like it.

In order to put the right amount of attention on the biggest opportunities, I’m dialing back the content marketing stuff for a bit, including this newsletter.

But don’t unsubscribe, because I’m bringing back The Build Cycle podcast.

It’s amazing (and both flattering and gratifying) that I still get emails and DMs saying how much people enjoyed an episode they just listened to.

I haven’t published a new one in over a year.

But people are still finding them.

OK, maybe there is a lesson here.

Two lessons, really.

ONE: Make good content. It will stand the test of time.

TWO: Don’t be afraid to quit something. But maybe leave the door open.

I’m quitting the content marketing newsletter for now because it’s no longer as fulfilling to me. And I have bigger opportunities.

In 2020, I quit doing the podcast. Then I started again in 2021.

Then I quit again.

Because other stuff was more important.

Technically, I never really quit. I just took a break.

Now I’m starting again. Slowly.

Because I enjoy it. It creates opportunities to talk to people way smarter than me, to learn from them, and to share their knowledge with all of you.

It will be sporadic. I’ll publish new episodes when I can, because other things are still a higher priority. But it’s time to start laying some groundwork.

THREE: Prepare in advance. Build before you need to.

I try to teach my kids this every day. Start something now while the stakes are low. If you wait until you need to do something, you may not like what you have to do.

If you subscribed to The Build Cycle before, you’re probably still subscribed.

If not, you can subscribe here or just search for “The Build Cycle” on your favorite podcast player.

Thank you, and stay tuned.

I have some great guests lined up for this year.

And if you stay subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about them (and maybe get a few surprises along the way).


Quit ya later,


PS – If you’ve been enjoying these posts, thank you. I appreciate every one of you. If you really enjoyed them, you can buy me a coffee.

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