Peak Content Summit 2020 – Go from Startup to Household Name

Want to turn your brand into a household name? Trying to figure out a “viral video” strategy to do that?

In this session, Harmon Brothers CEO Benton Crane walks us through their strategy for creating different types of content along a brand’s path from startup to “brand”. Their process has yielded award-winning creative videos (Squatty Potty, Poo-pouri, Flex Tape, and more!) that have helped small, unknown brands scale from zero to millions of dollars in sales.

Benton shows how to create quick, easy content pieces to test market acceptance. Then, how to change the message and delivery as you grow to deliver the right content for your stage of growth.

Equally important, his examples illustrate why you can’t just skip ahead to “branding” plays before you’ve build the sales system to pay for it. Fortunately, he’s also got plenty of examples on how to do that, too.

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Bonus Content:

Much of HB’s video success comes from their strategic use of humor. If you’re looking to mimic that success, check out Harmon Brothers University for a course in script writing and building your comedy chops.

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