Peak Content Summit 2020 – Maximize Your Content’s SEO Value

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much you spend on your content development if no one finds it! That’s why Ezoic’s head of marketing, Tyler Bishop, walks us through the latest intel on search engine optimization. As the host of Pubtelligence publisher events held at Google offices around the world, he has an insider’s look at what works to boost your search rankings and placement!

Don’t understand SEO?

Don’t think you need to?

Don’t worry, we go from the very basics (SERP = Search Engine Results Page) up to a sophisticated look at using “Search Intent” to refine your copywriting and headlines based on what people actually mean to search for.

If you’ve been trying to game the system with SEO hacks and tricks, this session will show you why those no longer work (and can even work against you). Instead, you’ll see how subtle differences in the words used and topic selection can help drive your website to the top of page one on Google!

And this overview is immensely valuable even if you’re not the one doing the SEO for your brand. Why? Because there are a lot of folks out there selling “search engine optimization” services that continue to do things the old way. Understanding the basics gives you a solid foundation for building the right team and vendors if you’re outsourcing your SEO efforts!

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For researching topics and improving your search results, here are four tools he recommends:

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