Peak Content Summit 2020 – How to Analyze Content for Search vs Social

Do you know if, how, or why your content is performing?

If you think measuring and analyzing your content is boring, this session will kinda blow your mind!

In this masterclass on Google Analytics, Orbit Media CMO Andy Crestodina shows us advanced (but easy!) Google Analytics techniques to help us measure how our content marketing is working.

Even better, he teaches us how to use that data to improve our headlines, content and more so they rank higher and improve click through rates! In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why different headlines work better for Search vs. Social (and why!)
  • What types of headlines get better click thru rates
  • Best email subject line structures to improve open rates
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • What site visitors do once on your site
  • How to find & create secret reports in Google Analytics
  • How to measure “invisible” visitors from email & other random sources
  • How, why & when to use UTM link tracking for inbound traffic
  • How to improve your site’s navigation based on user behavior
  • How to structure your content to maximize reader retention
  • Where and when longer posts work best
  • How to measure & retarget people who watch embedded videos

Sound like a lot? This session is simply PACKED with incredible tips and tactics for getting more clicks and improving your readers’ and customers’ experiences.

Presentation Slides

It helps to have a reference, so here’s a condensed version of Andy’s presentation with the slides showing how to set up GA and other key tidbits.

Connect with Andy

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Bonus Resources:

Here are a few of the tools Andy mentioned:

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