Peak Content Summit 2020 – Leverage Feature Length Films for your Brand

Filmmaker and producer Mike Dion has documented some of cycling’s most storied rides, capturing the people and emotions of riding weeks-long adventures, often in completely self-supported, desolate environments. And he’s shown how the brands play an integral role in those experiences.

Could your brand be the hero of a movie?

In the process of integrating brands and products into his feature-length documentaries, Mike’s films have given sponsors years worth of content to use in their own videos, blogs, social posts and more. Pulling things like:

  • behind the scenes footage
  • “making of” stories
  • product reviews
  • real-world product photos
  • influencer posts and mentions

…and so much more.

You could even make  money on the film

Depending on the arrangement, a brand investment in a documentary or similar film project could even yield positive revenue through syndication on Netflix, HULU and the like.

In this session, Mike explains the ins and outs of getting involved, and what a brand should (and shouldn’t) expect from using large-scale video productions as part of their content marketing strategy.

Check out his films:

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