Peak Content Summit 2020 – How to Make Diverse & Inclusive Content

Wondering how to grow your business with more diverse, inclusive content? Want to reach new audiences? Engage with new customers? Expand your customer base?

By making your content marketing appeal to a broader, more diverse base, you can!

In this session, Social Impact Storyteller Nzinga C. Blake teaches how to develop more diverse and inclusive content without resorting to tokenism or filling quotas. It’s packed with practical, actionable advice on how to include more and different voices in your marketing. All of which can grow your customer base and increase revenue.

Key Takeaways

Nzinga, who was nominated for and won several Emmy Awards in 2020 for her social impact videos, shared tips to help you learn how to:

  • Communicate in ways that are relevant to unique audiences
  • Use User Generated Content (UGC) for an authentic voice
  • Evaluate opportunities based on different types of customers
  • Connect with unique audiences based on their unique needs
  • Identify & focus on social issues important to each audience
  • Increase appeal to GenZ & Millenials with cause marketing
  • Use Facebook groups to interact with new groups in new places

Q&A Session

This session was easily one of most powerful ones, and our Q&A session lasted for more than 30 minutes following the presentation. Here are the key takeaways from both the presentation and Q&A:

  • Remove yourself from the conversation so that you’re not imposing your own judgements and preconceived notions on the message.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your different customer groups about their experiences. Let those stories inform your content and messaging because it will let them tell the story through their experience.
  • UGC is a great way to do this because it tells your brand story from the user’s authentic viewpoint.

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