Sorry, who are you again?

Hello Content Creators! You know what industry is about to blow up? Also, do you know what the general point of this week’s newsletter is not about and you should read it even if you’re not in this business? Tourism. … Read more

How to predict the future of marketing

tyler hiking at vermillion cliffs national monument

They say ignoring history dooms us to repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Recent events suggest many folks just aren’t paying attention, but they’ve given marketers the chance to bolster customer affinity by simply aligning with the right … Read more

No one’s going to tell you this…

There’s something I noticed recently. If you’ve shopped for face masks, you’ve probably noticed it, too. There are a lot of brands that simply omit information. In the case of face masks, it’s the very information that would cause me … Read more

I just called to say how much I…

This week’s been nuts. But then again, seems like every week is nuts, amiright? Wednesday rolls around and I’m like WTF. And then Wednesday ends and I’m like GD, guess I’ll get up early and write my newsletter for this week. … Read more