Here’s why your brand’s content isn’t ranking well

At Bikerumor, the cycling tech blog I started in summer 2008, we’ve been writing about bikes, components, and related tech for almost 13 years.

We’re experts on the subject, and we have almost 30k posts to prove it.

Google sees this and knows that if we’re talking about bikes, it’s highly likely that our story is both accurate and important. So it will rank highly.

Your company blog, though? Unless you’ve been posting daily content for years…

You don’t stand a chance against us.

Or any other content creator, blog, news site, or vlogger that’s consistent and been around for a while.

That’s because Google doesn’t trust you yet.

Stick to it, though, and you might get there.

Or you could spend your time doing something that will work RIGHT NOW.

Like what, exactly?

Let the content creators and media, with their huge authority and traffic, share daily content and new product announcements that drive consumers to your site. That’s what we do.

Use your time to make very specific and detailed informational content, like:

  • An incredible FAQ section
  • Tutorials on how to use your product
  • User-friendly, clear, concise instruction manuals (seriously)
  • Laymen’s terms explanations of your technology
  • Detailed specs and feature lists

This is “bottom of the funnel” content that converts interest into sales by removing all objections, eliminating doubt, and answering every question your customers might have.

You should absolutely use good SEO techniques and research to inform this content, because these pages will still be indexed and occasionally rank in search results.

But the real goal is to create content that helps customers convince themselves that your product is the right one for them so they click “BUY”.

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