How to find the best affiliate partners

A couple weeks ago I posted about the types of websites that got destroyed by Google’s latest algorithm update. You can read that post here, and I’ve updated it to better explain what it means for brands that are creating content.

But there are people creating the RIGHT types of content, and now they’re getting more traffic than ever. Today, I’ll explain how you can tap into those creators. (Hint: It involves an affiliate program)

First, find the right content creators

If you read my prior post, you’ll see there are two types of content creators:

  1. Robots who create SEO-driven drivel
  2. Passionate people who love what they do

The former might get a click now and then for a very specific query, and might send the occasional sale your way.

The latter amasses raving fans who read, watch and listen to everything they create. They will send you more sales AND help build your brand.

Then setup your affiliate program

Like it or not, affiliate programs are only growing in importance.

Yes, these programs have been around for a long time, but the way you (the brand) and I (the media) are going to use them is both growing and evolving. I’ll explain how and why in next week’s newsletter, but know this: It’s possible to earn a LOT more money from a good affiliate strategy than it is from selling ads, so many media and creators are primarily focused on this revenue stream.

So, for better or worse, if you don’t have an affiliate program, you’re less likely to be included in reviews, roundups, buyer’s guides, recommendations, and other content.

It’s not personal, it’s economics.

What’s the best affiliate manager?

The best program is one you’ll use and, more importantly, one your target content creators will enjoy using. If you don’t already have one set up, here are three popular affiliate program managers.

  • Avantlink
  • Commission Junction
  • AWIN

Avantlink is the most popular among many outdoor and cycling brands, as well as the media, because their UI and control panel is extremely easy to use. It’s definitely my favorite, check it out here if you’re interested. Choosing a service that the media likes to use makes it far more likely we’ll take the time to create links for you.

Once it’s setup, tell your favorite media, bloggers and influencers about it and invite them to join your program. Be proactive, and if you see that they posted about you, create a link and email it to them…trust me, that extra little bit of effort pays off.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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