Bite Size Content Strategy #5 – Promise a Party!

Is your content marketing throwing a party, but no one’s showing up?

Here’s how to get people in the door!

When I go to a party, I usually have a reason for being there. Maybe I know there’s going to be good food. Or good drinks. Or good company.

Maybe it’s a conference where I’ll meet and learn from interesting people. Maybe it’s a movie I’m sure will entertain me.

All of those things may or may not actually happen. Those things aren’t actually the reason I show up. No, it’s the promise of these things that gets me in the door.

It’s the same for your content marketing.

It needs to make a promise to get people into it. Maybe that’s a catchy headline, teaser intro, intriguing celebrity endorsement, a flashy graphic, whatever. If you’re not grabbing people’s attention in the first couple seconds, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the content is.

Of course, the intro should match what’s actually going to happen

I don’t want to be invited to a BBQ only to be served vegetarian food. Or click on a sick, action-filled YouTube thumbnail only to wonder where all the action is.

Yes, you have to deliver on the promise.

But it’s that promise that gets people to your party.

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