Bite Size Content Strategy #4 – Rank, or not.

One more reason good content marketing matters:

It helps you rank.

Or not.

Good content marketing will help send more eyeballs to your website, brand and products. The effect will snowball. And it’s not just about SEO, but that is important for getting the search engines to pay attention. It’s also about engagement on social media.

The results are the same – more traffic looking at you. Or not.

Content that provides value (informs, entertains, educates) and is well structured will be found, shared, liked and rank highly.

Content that does NOT do these things will do the opposite. And that’s bad. Because once Google, Facebook and the rest see that no one is liking, sharing or sticking around to finish your content, it signals to them that you’re not worth ranking. Not worth sharing, showing or promoting. Pointless, half-assed content is worse than no content.

So, have a strategy. Put forth the effort. And make good content that provides value.

(PS – If you just don’t know where to begin, get in touch. Or not.)

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