Bite Size Content Strategy #2 – Easiest. Research. Ever.

You’ve got all of your important keywords stuffed into your website and company blog posts, but still crickets, huh?

Here’s what’s wrong with that approach…

The old school way of thinking is that you just need to stuff your website full of keywords and Google will find it. Nowadays, there’s a lot more to it than that. Like A LOT more. But there are a few easy things you can do with your content to help it rank higher and drive more traffic to your site. Here’s one you can start on today:

Answer your customers’ questions.

Think about how you use a search engine… If you really need to find something specific, do you just type in a keyword or two? Or do you type in the exact question you need an answer to and expect magic?

Guess what…your customers are doing the same thing!

So answer their questions!

The closer your content comes to answering their exact questions, the more likely it is to rank.

But Tyler, how do I know what they’re asking?

Great question, for which there are a TON of answers. But I like simple. And free. And I bet you do, too. So here’s something you an do in 10 seconds to generate at least three good content ideas: 

Just Google a question about your product or service, maybe even something your customers have asked you, then check out the little box that says “Related Searches”. In ten seconds, you’ve just done world class market research to inform your content marketing efforts. Create stories and content that answers those questions and you’re well on your way to seeing more site traffic.

Keep in mind that good content on your own website is just one small piece of the puzzle. It’s part of a good marketing strategy, not the whole strategy.

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