Your Content is a Gift… Does anyone want it?

Every year I see the hordes of shopping mall traffic and I can’t help but wonder: How many of these people are just searching for something to fill that space under the tree? Rushing around, frantically trying to find something, anything, someone will like?

Or, worse, as I’ve heard some overly competitive grandparents do, how many are trying to “win” by simply putting more stuff under the tree than their “competition”?

On the flip side, how many are searching out or making a gift the recipient really wants? It should be easy. After all, the giver should know their recipient intimately, right?

It’s the same with content. If you’re just throwing something out there in the hopes that it will stick, your odds aren’t good.

And if you’re just throwing a bunch of stuff out there hoping to win SEO with volume, no one will care.

But if you really, truly know your customers and are creating something of value, you will win. Give them a gift they really want and you will win.

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