Ad re-targeting versus content marketing

Ad targeting doesn’t (always) work like you want.

See these Salewa shoes? I already own them. Had them for months. But I needed to check their specs for a story (congrats, they won an Honorable Mention in my Bikerumor Editor’s Choice 2019 picks).

Now, virtually everywhere I go, I’m seeing Salewa ads. Same thing happened with the Wiral Lite cable cam. I published that review months ago, and I’m STILL seeing ads for it. I’m sure you’re seeing something similar.

Does ad targeting and re-targeting work? For sure, yes. But they continue to (go to) work long after that purchase decision has been made. Which costs the marketer money. Money that has no possible chance of converting to a sale.

That’s why a good content marketing strategy needs to be part of any brand’s mix. Good content has a longer shelf life, and it’s there when the customer starts their search for a product, brand or service.

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