Content Project – Boston Dynamics’ viral robot dance

This one’s not mine, but it’s awesome. Boston Dynamics are masters at showing off what their robots CAN do.

Meaning, they don’t show how their robots actually get used in boring industrial applications.

Rather, they show them doing parkour, box jumps, acrobatics, and more insanely cool stuff.

Their videos rack up tens of millions of views because they show something exciting! Something that defies reality and blows our minds!

And their latest video shows four different robots dancing together. It’s so incredible that my wife still doesn’t believe that it’s not CGI (it’s not). The fine movements and *cough* motor skills are so unbelievably, insanely amazing that it actually does seem almost unreal.

Watch it, then tell me you’re not super excited about Boston Dynamics!

But how can I do this?

This reminds me of a mountain bike disc brake video where, in a test lab, someone dragged the pads on a brake rotor until it was glowing hot. Then they applied enough pressure to stop the wheel, and it still stopped.

Shimano didn’t do this. SRAM didn’t do this. Nor any other brake brand. But they could have. It was a mesmerizing video, and a brand could have demonstrated how freakin’ amazing their disc brakes are…even if we will never, ever, EV-ER be able to recreate those levels of heat in the real world.

How could you showcase your products in such an over-the-top fashion that people can’t help but talk about it, share it, and remember it?

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