Content Project: The Editor’s Choice List

Every year, each Bikerumor editor drops kudos on the products and brands that made their favorite bikes and gear over the past 12 months.

You can check out my list here, and there’s value in this even for non-cyclists or brands well outside the cycling industry. Read the opening and the closing sections.

The Takeaway: Getting your products in the hands of editors and influencers may not always yield awards (or even a full feature review).

But it makes it possible.

If we can’t test your product, we can’t review or praise it. So, make good products, then get your products in the hands of the media. You never know when they’ll show up.

Here’s another tip: Host a media event (once travel returns to normal, of course…none of us want Covid). Because having our undivided attention while we use your products and get to know you and your brand makes it far more likely we’ll produce better content about you.

In my next newsletter and post, I’ll explain why this is the most cost-effective marketing you can do.

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