Ep #071: How the Magma app launched, and how it’s changing portable content creation

In this episode, I interview Jake Warner about his killer new content creation platform, Magma. Developed with co-founder Joey Chowaiki, it takes what used to be the realm of professional designers and page layout experts, and puts it all in the palm of your hand… LITERALLY!

Listen in to hear how they launched the company, where the idea came from, and why you should make it part of your marketing mix.

Magma is an iOS app that lets you create magazines, and as you listen to how they built this from concept to a fully functioning content portal in just a couple of years, you’ll hear some really interesting ways brands, influencers and publishers can use this to expand their reach and authority.

It’s something I’m already thinking about how I can use myself. From simply converting my weekly newsletter to a magazine, or doing a weekly recap of Bikerumor’s best content. Right now, it’s a wide open space that your brand could own.

What’s impressive about this is how easy it makes it to create a digital magazine that you can share with anyone. It’s searchable by Google, too, since you get a distinct URL for each magazine you create, which provides massive SEO value since it’s not locked in their silo.

magma app lets you publish a digital magazine from your iPhone

What’d you think?

If you haven’t already downloaded it, check it out, take it for a spin. From a branding perspective, this might just be the easiest way to both create a Look Book AND get it into your customer’s hands.

Or the media’s hands, just add links to the product pages and image download folders, and it could easily replace the traditional press release…especially once they get the desktop/iPad version running with more powerful layout and editing features.

And the best part is, it’s all searchable by Google, so you don’t miss out on any of the SEO benefits of trying to do the same thing on a blog.

If you get into it and make something cool, shoot me a link, I’d love to see it!

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