Why do publishers host events? (PubOps Interview)

If you’re a media outlet, digital publisher, blog, website, YouTube channel or otherwise producing content, should you host an in-person, real-world event?

In this episode of Ezoic’s PubOps, I talk about why I hosted Peak Content Summit, a content marketing strategy conference. I’ve also hosted, managed and promoted 24 hour mountain bike races and other events.

If you’re creating an event for your magazine, website or publisher, here’s a lot of food for thought so you don’t make big mistakes that can cost you a lot of money!

Key Takeaways:

  • Know WHY you’re creating an event – have a goal and aim every action toward that. It could be revenue, customer/reader interaction, building credibility, whatever.
  • Create a list – Think through every action that participants, volunteers, speakers and staff will have to do at every point of interaction. Then create your step-by-step list of how those interactions will go so you can anticipate any problems and solve for them in advance.
  • Everything will cost more than you think – From hotel blocks to catering, plan on 10-30% overage and make sure your budget still works in that scenario.

One of the biggest reasons media put on events is to boost revenue. Events can be massively profitable when they’re run well and incorporate multiple revenue streams like sponsorship, exhibitor space, merchandise sales, entry fees and registrations, etc.

Ultimately, you have to make sure the experience is top notch or it could backfire and reflect poorly on your publication.

Further reading:

I’ve interviewed four different event promoters/entrepreneurs for The Build Cycle podcast, each with tons of valuable lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to host an event:

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