A spoonful of (flaming) sugar…

Masks, right?!?

As marketers, it’s tricky to take a stand. No matter which side of the fence we sit on, we’re alienating someone. But, maybe we don’t have to?

And maybe this doesn’t even have to be about “issues” at all (it doesn’t).

Maybe it can just be about showing people how to do something they probably know they should be doing, but maybe aren’t (eating healthy, working out, getting enough sleep, spending time with their family, quitting smoking, stop littering…the list goes on).

And maaaaaaybe your product or service could help people do better. So…

Show, don’t tell

What if you could present your solution in a highly entertaining way that makes the features and benefits clear without offending anyone’s sensibilities?

Enter, Uncle Rob.

If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel, and you like setting things on fire (who doesn’t?), it’s a gold mine. Thank me later.

His latest video is a brilliant example of how masks prevent the spread of virus particles.


Because it demonstrates the point without ever telling us what we should be doing. It just shows that it works, and wraps up with his personal reasons for wearing a mask (hint: wearing a mask is about respecting others’ health and not being part of the problem…think about that next time you see someone not wearing a mask… how ya like them now?)

Skip the bitter pill altogether

Next time you’re trying to illustrate why someone should be using your product, see if you can:

  • Show how it’s used in a humorous way
  • Make the benefit crystal clear
  • Show the benefit in a way that person can relate to
  • Skip the hard sales message
  • Explain why this is important to you

That last bit is key. People will have their own reasons for caring, and maybe it aligns with your reasons. Then, they buy from you because they like you, or feel some affinity for your brand or cause. Give them a peek behind the curtain and let them get to know you a bit and they’re more likely to become fans. Then they won’t need the sales pitch (or discounts!), they’ll already want to buy.

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