Content Project: Inserting brands into media’s stories

In August 2020, three of us rode to the North Carolina beach from Greensboro. Three days, 240 miles, one absolutely terrible hotel.

I got three brands to “sponsor” the trip, and we used it to test several other pieces of equipment. In this case, I designed the trip and sought out brand partners that made sense.

But don’t wait on media to create opportunities

YOU, as a brand, should be thinking about how YOU want your product story told. What scenarios would show off your features and benefits in ways that would positively influence purchase decisions?

Could YOU create those scenarios by pitching them directly to media and influencers?

Do YOU reach out to media and influencers with specific original ideas?

Or do you wait for them to come to you?

Be proactive and seek out those who reach your target audience and start pitching. The worst that can happen is we say no. But don’t worry, we usually don’t say no to revenue-generating promotions.

(PS – While at the beach, we chartered a fishing boat and caught…nothing. Which made for an interesting content marketing lesson)

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