How to get FREE brand exposure on major media

As the owner of Bikerumor, I’m a publisher that relies on paid content and advertising. So, telling you how to do this for free is probably the worst idea I’ve had. But here’s how you can:

  • Get exposure on major media outlets for free
  • Build customer trust and affinity
  • Build brand authority
  • Pay nothing

So, how do you get free brand exposure on major media outlets?

Just reply to the comments.

A lot of brands avoid comment sections altogether. They can be scary.

They’re also one of the best places to reach customers where they’re most receptive to hearing from you!

Fair warning, you may need a thick skin. Comments sections can be wonderful, but they can also kinda suck. People are fearless (and sometimes A-holes) behind a keyboard. Just accept that you may not like everything you see, then dive in there.

What am I looking for, exactly?

Reader questions.

Let’s say I wrote a story about Brand X’s new suspension fork. Suspension is complicated. Maybe I glossed over something and a reader asked about it in the comments.

Maybe Brand X was monitoring that and chimed in to answer the question.

Guess who’s feeling super special and appreciated? The reader. Guess who’s more likely to become a customer in the future? The reader. Guess who’s… OK, you get it. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being heard, and this is an easy way for brands to show customers they care.

Comments don’t even have to be specifically about your product or brand, just think about how you can add value to the conversation.

Trolling versus Trawling

Here’s the caveat: Keep it top level.

Meaning, do NOT engage in an argument. If someone’s upset with your brand, offer an apology and an opportunity to connect offline to resolve the issue. Comments sections should not become customer service forums.

And by all means, do not belittle the commenters. You can explain your product or service, clarify confusion, or answer questions. And thank them for their interest.

But do not argue with the commenters. That’s just feeding the trolls, and trust me, brands do not win those battles by stooping to their level.

Here’s what to do right now:

Set up a daily Google Alert for your brand’s name and key product names. Click on anything that mentions you, check for comments, reply to them. Probably a good idea to monitor your industry’s primary media at least once per week, too.

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