Bite Size Content Strategy #7 – Pace customers through your content

If your customers are dropping off without finishing your blog posts, videos and other content, maybe you should do what the pro cyclists do…

Do you REALLY know why cyclists ride in a line?

Sure, they’re drafting, which saves energy. But in a race, riders are in a paceline because it helps them pull their whole team through to the end. That’s where the prize is. If someone doesn’t finish, they’re never gonna get the goods.

It’s the same for your customers!

If your content marketing isn’t pulling them along, chances are they won’t finish.

Which means they won’t buy.

Then they’ll get distracted by a competitor’s content that gets where they want to go.

how to structure content marketing blog posts and videos to keep people reading and viewing longer

How do you pull them to the “BUY” button?

I’m doing it right now. If you’re still reading, then it’s working.

Have you figured it out yet?

It’s the way you format your content, not just what’s in it, that will keep your customers engaged all the way to the pitch. Doesn’t matter if it’s written, audio (podcasts), video (YouTube, social, stories), or whatever.

OMG, just tell me already!

Will do. First, your content actually has to be interesting, informative, educational, or entertaining. If you’ve got that going for you, it comes down to formatting and structure. Here’s how to do that with written content:

  • Use short sentences
  • Use subheadings
  • Use images
  • Use bullet point lists
  • Put a giant inflatable gummy bear on the back of your bike. Oh, wait…

See how I’m doing that here? See how your eye keeps getting pulled down to the next thing? And each next thing is super short so that you won’t start skimming and move on?

See how each sentence makes you want to read the next one?

Easy, right?

Your customers may not know why, but they won’t be able to look away!

Bonus: Check out Tip #6 in this article from Andy Crestodina, who I mentioned in the video, for examples of using images for pacing.

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