Episode #068: Generate more, better Content Marketing ideas w/ Melanie Deziel

Content Marketing is all the buzz these days, with more marketers and brands seeking ways to truly connect with customers. But where do you start? How do you know what kinds of content to create? Who it’s for? Where to post it?

If you’re wondering how to create a content marketing strategy, Story Fuel’s Melanie Deziel will get you off to the right start. In this episode, we talk about her method for getting brands and marketers off and running with a limitless supply of ideas. Even better, she explains how to turn those ideas into real content pieces that help promote your brand and products in the right way.


Melanie mentions three things that really stood out for me:

1. Start with “Why” – Why do you want to create marketing content? Is it to drive sales? Create brand awareness? Educate consumers about your product benefits? Generate leads? Drive web visitors? Figure out what your goals are first, then worry about tactics.

2. Focus & Format – There are two sides to your content marketing coin. First, the “Focus”. Is your content going to be focused on people, products, technology, etc.? Second is “Format”. What format makes the most sense? That leads into…

3. Content Language – What’s you’re content language? How are you most comfortable communicating…is it in video? Audio? Written blogs or stories? Something else? And does that format match your audience’s needs and wants? If not, where’s the happy medium that works for both parties?

4. Real & Consistent – Lastly, what type of content can you realistically produce consistently? Haphazard communication won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. It’s better to choose one platform and one format and excel at that than to try to do a little of everything and end up doing that poorly.


I wanted to get Melanie on this podcast because I’ve seen her presentation and she’s speaking at my conference, Peak Content Summit. Here’s why: It makes developing a content road map and idea generation easy. With a simple chart and a few steps, it helps you think through ideas even if you’re not overly creative. It’s all outlined in her new book, too:

new content fuel framework book cover shows how to come up with content ideas for marketing

If, like me, you like having a simple framework to guide your efforts when learning something new, The Content Fuel Framework is worth a look. And I highly recommend coming to meet her at Peak Content Summit and hear her explain the process in person!



Join Melanie and I at Peak Content Summit to learn everything you need to know to create and execute a winning content marketing strategy!


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