Episode #065: Wolf Tooth Components on product ideas & startup work-life balance

One of the biggest hurdles to managing startup life is balancing expectations at home with the drive to spend every waking hour (and every last ounce of energy) launching your company and fostering its growth. It can be all consuming, which leaves little for anything else. Brendan Moore, co-founder of cycling components brand Wolf Tooth Components shares how he and his wife set expectations in advance, and set some boundaries, which set the stage for them to succeed professionally and personally.

And that was a welcome bonus for this interview, which was originally conceived as a lesson on how to deal with product ideas and submissions from your customers. It’s a concept that’s rife with pitfalls, and can become a sticky mess if not handled properly. Brendan tells us how they do it, how and why they work with select outside designers, and why they pretty much don’t want you to share your ideas with them. It’s fun, and very enlightening.

In an effort to streamline production of The Build Cycle podcast episodes, I’m drastically trimming the show notes to the summary and embedded player. You may notice there was a bit of a hiatus between the last episode on this one, and there’s a good reason for that. I’ve been researching “content marketing” and “content strategy” as it applies to the current media landscape and how we’ve been applying it Bikerumor.com. I’ve learned a lot, and validated or destroyed some pre-existing notions. And talked to a ton of brands. Big things are coming for that, stay tuned. And more episodes, too, we already have a couple more in the tank that I’m excited to share with you – stay tuned!

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