2 ways to make new, better connections on LinkedIN

Right now, I have 250+ pending invites on LinkedIn, and that number is only growing. Here’s why: I don’t know who most of these people are, what they do, or why we should connect.

If you’re wondering how to reach someone on LinkedIN, there are two simple things you can to to improve your odds of getting a response. Which is good, and I use both of these to find new guests for my podcast or meet up with people in new cities while traveling. But first, let me explain why your LinkedIN connection requests aren’t working.

I like meeting new people, but I don’t have time to figure out who I should connect with. If your bio only says “Digital Marketing Expert” or “Looking for Opportunities”, then why would I connect with you? Why should I spend time figuring out what it is you actually do. I’m busy. I don’t have time to research your bio or guess what you can do for me. Sounds selfish, but I bet you’re thinking the same thing.

If you’re trying to connect with me, I assume it’s because there might be mutually beneficial value in a relationship. Or you’re just chasing connections as a game. Assuming it’s the former, here are two easy ways to get me (or anyone who’s important and worth connecting with) to actually look at your invitation and respond:

STEP 1: Let your bio explain what you do & for whom

Digital Marketing Manager at Specialized Bicycles” carries a lot more weight than “Social Media Ninja” (because who isn’t these days?). And keep it short. If your bio reads “Delta Six Plasma Ultra Strategist Black Belt Soci…..” then it’s so long it’s cutting off. If you’re an entrepreneur, say so. Self employed? Come up with a name for your service and state that. Trust me, it sounds more authoritative. Look at my bio for an example. I could have just put “Writer & Podcaster“. But which sounds better, that, or “Founder/Editor, Bikerumor.com & Host of The Build Cycle Podcast“? Who would you rather connect with?

STEP 2: Send a brief message explaining why you want to connect

Don’t make me guess. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s all it takes. Simple, right?

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