Interview: Handup Gloves lets us grab their startup story

For our first Build Cycle founder interview, we pulled Handup Gloves’ Cody Wallis from the freezing cold of USA Cycling’s Cyclocross National Championships to get his startup story. Handup Gloves was born from his time riding motocross and wanted the same minimalist glove feel when he transitioned to cycling.


  • If you’ve got the product dialed and the numbers make sense, just go for it. You can’t figure out every little detail beforehand or you’ll never launch. Trust that the product is good enough and then run with it, you’ll figure out the little stuff as you go. Too much analysis leads to paralysis.
  • Social media is for more than pushing out your message. It’s a tool for consumer research if you pay attention to what your fans and followers are doing, posting and talking about.


  • Shopify (Handup’s website and e-commerce platform)
  • (My other site, referenced via the “Break Into the Cycling Industry” mention at the beginning. The “Break Into…” series was the genesis for these longer form interviews)

A couple other things I learned on this one…I need a better microphone; All phones should be put on airplane mode before the interview starts; and my DLSR will only record 30 minutes of footage at a time. Upgrades, here I come!

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories from the field, and let me know what you think (tinny interview audio aside) in the comments.

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