The Build Cycle Podcast #009 – Peaks Coaching Group’s Hunter Allen

Think you’re a subject matter expert and want to coach, train or mentor others? Hunter Allen has been there, done that, offering 1-on-1 personal coaching for pro athletes, managing a team of coaches to train the masses, and co-founded TrainingPeaks, one of the top online/cloud based training programs. He shars his #startup story, plus tons of great strategies for builidng your own systems for taking coaching far beyond a one person operation. Whether you want to coach athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone else, you’ll learn how to build a business larger than yourself by making it easy for others.

I was literaly running out the door for a flight and knocking out this post, recording the intro/outro and uploading the podcast, and creating the header graphic super early in the morning. So, full show notes will follow, along with more photos, once I return from Taiwan. In the meantime you can check out Hunter Allen at and listen to the last few minutes for social links.

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