Pre-Interview Checklist

Hi there!

Thank you for joining me on The Build Cycle or Bikerumor podcast, I’m very excited to have you as a guest! Below are a few tips to help you prep for the interview:


  1. This interview will be conducted and recorded through Skype, please send a contact request to “tylerbenedict”.
  2. Most interviews are 30-60 minutes long.
  3. You’ll need to be in a quiet place with no/minimal background noise or distractions.
  4. Please have a microphone attached to your computer or phone.
    1. Your computer’s mic will sound terrible.
    2. A basic smartphone headset will usually suffice, but if you want to upgrade and sound better, the Plantronics Blackwire C3210 or Logitech H390 USB headsets are cheap and reduce background noise.
    3. A headset not only makes you sound better, but it also eliminates any weird echos, so even if you don’t have one with a mic, please wear headphones during the interview.


Many of my questions come up on the fly based on your answers to prior questions. But, here are the general topics of discussion for each of the podcasts:

THE BUILD CYCLE: We’ll talk about how you started the company, what you did before that and your path to launch, some of the technical aspects of starting up and growth, and the challenges you’ve faced. At the end, I’ll ask you to:

  1. Share any tips you have for entrepreneurs that want to start something similar.
  2. Let us know where we can find you online (website, social media, email, whatever).
  3. I don’t specifically ask, but if you want to extend any offer to our listeners, this is the time.

BIKERUMOR: We’ll talk about your latest products and tech, your role at the company, what’s coming up, designs, and a little about your company or brand in general


In advance of the interview, please email the following to Tyler:

  1. Four (4) photos of you doing what you do and/or showing your product, service or company. We will use the images in the show notes’ blog post and as an episode-specific cover photo, so you must have all ownership rights to these photos.
  2. At least one photo should clearly show your face.
  3. Please explain any photos that aren’t obvious.
  4. Links to your website, social media, etc.
  5. Any topics that are off limits. I usually don’t ask questions about your personal life beyond any habits or actions that help you grow your business, but better safe than sorry.