Ready to Start a Business?

Thinking about your own #Startup but not sure where to begin? Thousands of entrepreneurs have done it, so no need for you to learn it all the hard way. The Build Cycle blog condenses the entire startup process into simple checklists and worksheets to literally walk you through the process, step by step. We’ll even help you refine your idea to make sure it’s the right business… for you and your customers!

You’ll also find quick tips and lessons I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) to save you time and energy as you get your new company up and running.

If you’re ready to start a business -not just an online business, any business- you’re in the right place – Welcome to The Build Cycle!

Ready to Grow?

The Build Cycle podcast features hundreds of #Startup stories from entrepreneurs that have launched, grown and continue to succeed. Their stories illustrate the hundreds of different ways to launch and grow in virtually any industry.

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I’ve started numerous businesses over the past 20 years. They range from side projects with friends (college dorm gift baskets, subscription based sample boxes) to full fledged, registered-with-the-state corporations doing everything from sports supplements to energy drinks to my biggest, most successful one – Over the past eight years I’ve grown it into the world’s largest, most popular cycling tech blog with millions of monthly pageviews.

I’ve launched and sold brands, trademarks and IP for deals in the low six figures, helped others launch successful businesses and advised on marketing and growth strategies. I’ve also launched some real clunkers -let’s call them experiments- that have taught many a valuable lesson. The Build Cycle uses those experiences as a launch pad to ask other founders deep, meaningful questions about how they did it. What they did. And why they did it.

The point is to show you that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different ways you can take your skills, your passions and your experience and launch your own company. From step by step guides outlining some of the most common stumbling blocks to inspiring stories from others, I invite you to follow along and find all the ideas and tools you need to launch your own…